Thank you for choosing Sanhui Sex Dolls, we really appreciate that! After you get the doll, please check if the doll is in good quality and all the parts are complete. Then follow our public Wechat offical account by scanning the provided QR code, then use the scanning function from the offical account to scan the barcode to see if the doll is really from Sanhui.

Before using the doll, there are something basic things you should keep in mind:

1.The movement range of the doll is limited, do not force the doll to make some abnormal poses; When you first get the doll, the skeleton might be a little bit tight, it’s normal, after using her for a while, it will come to nature. Wrong operation will damage the doll. About the movement range of the doll, you can see from the picture below.

2.Constant movement with big change is not recommended; If you need to make a second pose we recommend you to reset the doll first.

3.Avoid the dolls from the scenarios below which could damage them: the doll lies down with chest facing the floor, the doll stands with her bare feet for a long time, the joints inside are posed at the wrong positions, push the dolls with too much force.

4.The dolls are able to stand straight for a short time, but you must follow the reasonal steps, which means the feet of the doll should fully touch the ground, and the ground should be soft and flat; Otherwise, it can cause damage to the feet of the doll, or the metal skeleton might pop out from inside; The weight of the doll should be controlled in a right way, or make the doll lean against something.

5.The high-grade silicone used to make the dolls is quite tear-resistant, but during the time you spend with her, you should still be careful, especially pay attention to the edges of the doll , like the corner of the eyes, the openings(usually the dolls have 1 to 3 openings), etc. If you are being violent, you are very likely to tear up the doll, so please keep the doll lubricant enough. You should also be careful when you are dressing up her.


Sanhui Model Making Co.LTD has devoted to making anime girls, human molding, entity body dolls and adult sex toys for a long time. The main products of Sanhui are all kinds of entity dolls, they are made of medical grade silicone, which is soft (Silica Shore 0 degree and below) and strong in anti-tear properties (450% elongation, anti-tear strength at 3.7Mpa). The dolls also have metal skeletons inside, covered by environment-friendly foam. Customers can change the clothing, hairstyle even the makeup for her depending on personal appetite. The dolls can be used as models for photo-shooting, fashion display and so on. 

The dolls have really pretty faces which are close to real human, the bodies are also perfect, the skin is like from a teenager girl, they are the best sex dolls ever!

The dolls are able to make all kinds of poses just like a real human, the joints can be bent and locked freely; But the movement is also limited, and you are not supposed to pose them too frequently. If used properly, it is likely for Sanhui silicone dolls to sustain for more than 10 years and above, provided no cracking or tearing in the silica gel or dislocation of joints. In case of tearing, imtely stop using and pose the doll from further tearing—better close up the breakage opening.

05About Dress

As the silicone doll is limited in movement range, so when you are dressing her, you should pay attention to the items below to protect her skin.

1.The friction of silicone is kind of big, so you should powder her first before dressing her up.

2.Take her head off if necessary.

3.Do not wear any clothing or jewelries with sharp edges when you are with your babe.

4.If you want to wear jewelries( for example earring) for your doll, you can use thin wire or needle to punch on her ears, but you are not supposed to drag the earrings once the doll are wearing them. 

5.Do not make your doll wear the clothing which is too tight, it can make the silicone break or deformed in long term. If the clothing doesn’t fit the doll, stop trying.

6.Use custoned jewelries for the doll or ask our customer service for help.


A.The Maintainence of silicone:

1.Because Platinum silicone has a certain level of memory function, so when the joints are bent, the surface of the doll might wrinkle, try to rub that area back and forth, if you do this in time, it might help recover, but if it’s ignored for a long time, it will be hard to recover.

2.If the skin of the doll is stained with dust or blot, you can use cleanser essence or body wash to clean it up. Because the silicone contains silicone oil, if the surface is exuded with some oil, it’s normal, please use soft towel to wipe it off, powder the doll after the surface is dry enough.

3.During the use, do not use any sharp things to touch the surface of the silicone. Do not use your nails to push her breasts or anywhere to test the softness, it might leave incurable damage. Do not cut the silicone, once the silicone is opened with cut, it will be easy to cause further damage alongside the cut, which will make the doll unable to use.

4.Please clean and maintain the doll from time to time.

B.The maintenance of the makeup

1.We use special silicone dope to do the makeup, no smell, unlikely to fade, please do not rub it too hard, especially near the parts of face, eye shadow, eyebrow and eyelashes.

2.If you use too much force, it might cause the hair to fall off and the makeup to fade away, once the makeup fades away, the customers can modify it under the instruments from us, but the results depend on personal skills.

3.You can use general cosmetic to do the makeup for your doll, for example lipstick or cheek color; Do not use sticky oil to rub on her face, it can make the doll hard to clean up. Use some cleaning water to softly rub the makeup off, you are not supposed to use too much force.

4.For more details, feel free to contact our customers service.

C.The maintenance of the lower side of the body

The tunnels of the dolls are unmovable and close to real human.

1.Before you use the doll, make sure she is lubricative enough. Condoms and enough oil is recommended to avoid tearing up the tunnels.

2.Use professional tools to clean up the tunnels after use.

3.To make the tunnels dry, make the doll sit with legs separated so the water can come out, or insert some cotton cloth.

4.Because silicone is resistant to high temperature, so you can use drier to dry her, but the wind should not be too hot.

5.Before you store the doll up, make sure the tunnel is completely dry.


The dolls are made of high-end silicone, but for some reasons, you still may cause damage on her. If you purchase the doll from an offical way, we will provide you with free repair for six months.


02【Range of motion】



1.Head: Screw the head to the body clockwise 3 to 4 circles, then the head will be attached to the body.

2.Wig: After the head is installed, use your left hand to push the front hair against the forehead, then use your right hand to set the wig on the head, adjust it in the nearby area after all.



1.Avoid the sunshine. If the silicone is explosed to sunshine for a long time, it will slightly fade.

2.The temperature should not be either too high or too low. The ideal temperature to keep the doll should be between 5-35 degrees. If the temperature is too low, you can wrap the doll with heating blanket to keep the doll warm, the silicone is heat-resistent, but the tempeture should not be too high, otherwise it may damage the doll.

3.Keep the doll away from the dust. If the doll is kept in an environment with too much dust, it could make the doll hard to clean up.

4.Keep the doll away from anything which could leave color on her, keep the environment clean is also recommended.

5.Avoid pushing too hard on her. Do not put heavy things or squeeze too hard on her.

6.Keep the doll in a pose without too much force. Try to keep her in comfort, if she is kept bent for too long, she might be damaged.

08About Patch

About Repair

1.Repair her on your own

Stop using the doll once the silicone is broken, use the glue provided by us to repair her. If the glue is used up or expired, contact our customer service for purchase.

2.Send her back to the factory

If it’s hard for you to repair the doll, you can send her back to us. If the doll is still in her shelf life, we will repair her for free; If not, we will charge you depending on the extent of the damage. No matter if she is in her shelf life or not, the customers have to pay for the shipping-fee.


1.Our dolls are realistic entity silicone dolls, it’s customers’ will about how to use them, we take no responsibility for that. About the gifts we give for free, the customers can install them by themselves.

2.The products we make are not for children, keep them away from the children under the age of 18. Do not use them in the public places, any problem arises from that, we take no responsibility.

3.All the dolls from us are original, they’re not related to any person in the real world. We can produce customed dolls for the clients, which means we can make the doll similar but not exactly the same with some person in the real world. Once the dolls are sold, the customers are not supposed to expose them naked in any public place or on the internet. The customers are not allowed to compare them with any real person, if so, any legal issues arise from this have nothing to do with us.

Special Statement

All the dolls from us are 100% new, once sold, if after we(both the customer and our company) agree that the doll is qualified, no return is allowed! Thank you for supporting our company!



Sanhui Model Making Co.LTD has devoted to making anime girls, human molding, entity body dolls and adult sex toys for a long time. The main products of Sanhui are all kinds of entity dolls, they are made of medical grade silicone, which is soft (Silica Shore 0 degree and below) and strong in anti-tear properties (450% elongation, anti-tear strength at 3.7Mpa). The dolls also have metal skeletons inside, covered by environment-friendly foam. Customers can change the clothing, hairstyle even the makeup [View Details] 


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